Arabella - Yachting Beauty & Elegance

Arabella is one of the most beautiful sailing yachts in our country. She epitomizes classic elegance and graceful style. Arabella has been an icon along the East Coast in summer and in the Caribbean in winter.  She has hosted thousands of guests, provided incredible sailing experiences and created lifetime memories.


Not only is Arabella a luxurious mega yacht, but she is also an incredible sailing vessel. The captain & crew love to hoist the sails, turn off the engine and feather the prop.  Then Arabella really performs her magic as she slices through the water powered by the wind. Everyone deserves this type of mega yacht sailing experience at some point in their lives.


Arabella was built by Palmer Johnson in the 1980s for a famous movie actress who sailed her across the Atlantic Ocean.  In the late 1990s, she was purchased by two hotel entrepreneurs from Newport, RI.  They lengthened her to 157 feet and converted her into a sumptuous floating hotel.  During this rebuild, Arabella also became US Coast Guard certified, one of the few megayachts with this designation in our country.


 In 2013, Arabella was acquired by Manhattan Yacht Club. The Club reintroduced recreational sailing to New York Harbor.  MYC is now guiding Arabella on the next chapter of her storied career.















The Arabella Difference

What makes Arabella special is her scale.  She is a true mega yacht with varnished rails and teak decks.  You will always feel special onboard. You will have your own captain, chef and staff.  Everything about Arabella is personal.  You will never experience a crowd or feel like one of many.  Arabella will be your private yacht and you will fall in love with her.








Action, Adventure & Mega Yacht Toys

Arabella personifies the action and adventure lifestyle. As the sun sets in the evening, fill the hot tub, have a cold drink and talk about all the great things you have done that day. There are lots of water toys onboard and we encourage you to use them.








Stand Up Paddleboarding every Morning

You can do this!  Stand Up Paddleboarding is the latest craze to sweep the waterfront. And no wonder!  Under the guidance of Arabella's crew, you can start paddleboarding.  ]It will make you feel energized and excited! Begin your morning with a shot of adrenaline and you can be sure it will be a great day.








Snorkeling in the Afternoon

When the sun is high up in the sky, jump overboard with your fins, snorkel and mask and check out some of the incredible scenes underwater. The captain and crew will know all the best spots and can direct you to where you will be comfortable and amazed.








Kayaking to Shore

Of course you can take Arabella's beautiful tender, expertly skippered by one of the crew.  Or you can go in more adventurous style by saddling a kayak and riding it in to shore. There are many anchorages perfect for kayaking where Arabella will be close to shore.








Sailing on a Pico Dinghy

If you are a sailor, then sailing one of Arabella's dinghy will bring a major league smile to your face. This is a perfect way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.  The Pico dinghies onboard can be sailed single-handed or with 2 people onboard.








Or Just Relaxing on a Beach

Maybe today you just want to sit on the beach with great friends and relax.  Arabella has it all and you can choose how to live each day of your sailing adventure.